Email marketing is an extremely powerful tool and among the mostly used promotional method over the internet. It’s a low-cost but extremely effective method to enhance the profits of an online business, whether service or product-based. An excellent email marketing plan could bring one’s business to success in no time.

  • 1. You don’t have a mailing list that is permission-based – Except that you have the permission of the recipient, you might be delivering spam, which is in opposition to the law. Several business owners go through shortcuts and purchase email lists or even collect them in unethical ways, like gathering from the Web. In addition, spam can damage the reputation of one’s business.
  • 2. You have a nonexistent or poor content – The more ads that are contained in your emails, the faster the individuals would hit to delete them. Oftentimes, email marketers deliver nothing of importance to readers. Simply as individuals accept promotion and advertising in a magazine due to the desire to read the contents, the same is true with emails. Topical and interesting content, although concise, must capture their attention so you could market yourself effectively.
  • 3. Your emails are filled with errors – The quantity of errors contained in an email is surprising – links that don’t function, poor grammar, misspelled words and many more. Although these missteps are slight, all serve as an indication of lack of professionalism. You could avoid them easily with a few careful editing; do not let these avoidable errors to occur.
  • 4. Your “subject” and “from” lines are unsuccessfully selected – Pay meticulous attention to the “subject” and “from” lines, due to the fact that individuals will often determine that they don’t know the sender of the email and delete it instantly. The “subject” line could be the newsletter name or a concise, carefully planned headline that captures their attention. The “from” line must be the exact name of the company or newsletter with which they’ve signed up.
  • 5. You are not using landing pages– You have to focus on key pages which individuals land on upon clicking a link from the email. Oftentimes, it’s incorrectly presumed that clients desire to go directly into a shopping cart; but in several cases, they’re disposed on the homepage to search for their way around. Get lessons from Amazon and supply landing pagers having more details for each service or product.

Author:  Matthew Meyer

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